Cam and Eric Paslay joined Paisley as part of the Crushin' It World Tour

Country music fans filled the Mohegan Sun Arena Sunday night to see Brad Paisley bring his Crushin’ It World Tour to Uncasville, CT. Cam, who just earned her first Grammy nomination for her hit Burning House, and Eric Paslay opened the show.

Paisley always puts on an amazing show (check out our coverage of his last visit to Connecticut, when he played the Xfinity Theatre in Hartford in July of 2015). Look no further than the fully operational on-stage bar and giant video board to know its gonna be a good time.

“So turn it on, turn it up, and sing along
This is real, this is your life in a song
Just like a road that takes you home
Yeah this is right where you belong
This is country music” – Brad Paisley

Stamford, CT-native Lauren Cardarelli (Instagram: @laurcardarelli) was seeing Paisley perform live for the first time. Cardarelli thought Paisley’s set was “energetic, full of life and beyond entertaining with all of the video footage displayed as a backdrop!” She noted the mix of tracks, including older hits such as Old Alabama, Celebrity and Ticks combined with newer songs from his latest album Moonshine in the Trunk, had everyone “out of their seats dancing and singing along.” Lauren really appreciated Paisley’s “sincere gratitude to his fans…he signed a guitar and gave it to a youngster near stage, kept flicking picks out mid-strum, took selfies with people’s phones (hilarious!) and kept checking in on how his gambling addicted fans were doing.” Cardarelli was definitely impressed with Eric Paslay, noting that his performance of She Dont Love You “pulled at the heartstrings of everyone in the audience. Um and don’t even get me started on his dance moves…Cutest. Thing. Ever.” Lauren’s favorite moment in the show was when Cam joined Paisley on stage to sing Whiskey Lullaby – “Goosebumps.” Speaking of Cam, Cardarelli added, “Cam had pipes! Watch out Carrie Underwood! So excited to see her grow in the country music world.” Lauren shared a few of her pics from the show:

Brad Paisley at Mohegan Sun - Photos by Lauren Cardarelli

Brad Paisley at Mohegan Sun – Photos by Lauren Cardarelli

Taylor Jacques (Instagram: @taylorcj38) said that “Sunday nights show was by far the most incredible concert experience of my life, and I go to a lot of concerts!” Jacques loved Cam and Eric Paslay opening the show and noted that their performances made her want to purchase their albums. Taylor thought Paisley was “incredible” and loved how much he interacts with his fans during the show. That interaction was even more personal for Jacques when Paisley asked for her phone and proceeded to take a selfie on stage. Taylor really appreciates how there’s a “story being told behind the scenes when he’s performing”, and loved how he brings fans up to the onstage bar. Jacques was blown away by Paisley’s generosity – handing an autographed guitar to a young fan and throwing his hat into the crowd. Taylor shared these pics (including her Brad Paisley selfie!) from the show:

Brad Paisley at Mohegan Sun - Photos by Taylor Jacques

Brad Paisley at Mohegan Sun – Photos by Taylor Jacques

Natalie DiGennaro (Instagram: @nataliiee___), who ended up getting last minute pit tickets with her friend thought the concert was “awesome!” DiGennaro loved the onstage bar for select fans to enjoy a beer during the show – she thought that “added an amazing touch.” Natalie noted how she really appreciates when artists try to inspire children. Paisley handed one of his guitars to a young boy who was right next to DiGennaro and said to him “teach yourself how to play buddy and I’ll see you up here in a few years.” Natalie shared these pics that she snapped from the pit:

Brad Paisley at Mohegan Sun - Photos by Natalie DiGennaro

Brad Paisley at Mohegan Sun – Photos by Natalie DiGennaro

Stephanie Griffin (Twitter: @StephanieG965), who was seeing Paisley live for the first time, was really impressed with his performance. Griffin commented, “Between the set and visual graphics behind the stage, his amazing guitar riffs, and overall charisma, Brad proved how much of an entertainer he truly was.” Stephanie’s favorite part of the show was when Paisley performed a few songs on a small stage he had set up at the back of the arena, which happened to be just a few feet away from her. Griffin’s boyfriend’s night was made when Paisley gave him a high five on his way back up to the main stage. Stephanie also enjoyed Cam and Eric Paslay’s opening performances, which she thought were “fantastic!”  Griffin added that she’s “more of a fan now of the three artists than I was before the show, and hope to catch them again this summer!” Stephanie shared these pics she took during the show:

Brad Paisley at Mohegan Sun - Photos by Stephanie Griffin

Brad Paisley at Mohegan Sun – Photos by Stephanie Griffin

Emily Yourie (Instagram: @emyourie) attended the show her fiancé. They had the opportunity to meet Paisley Sunday night and were able to tell him that his song Then is going to be their wedding song. Yourie said “It’s an experience I’ll never forget.” Commenting on the show Emily said “The energy was electric and Brad himself was incredibly dynamic with the crowd.” Yourie loved that the set included so many of Paisley’s hits and that he even has his own Brad Paisley mascot. Yourie added “The concert made me feel like I was at a party with live music rather than a concert in an arena. I wouldn’t trade that night out for anything.” Here are some pics that Emily shared from the show:

Brad Paisley at Mohegan Sun - Photos by Emily Yourie

Brad Paisley at Mohegan Sun – Photos by Emily Yourie

Brad is back in Connecticut on on June 25, 2016 at the Xfinity Theatre in Hartford. For all of Paisley’s upcoming tour dates head over to his website by clicking here.

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