Please come back to New York City.

Dear Jamestown Revival,

Last week, I was boarding a plane craving a new adventure. My current playlists were just not satisfying this thirst. Putting out a request on twitter for album recommendations, a good friend suggested Utah and now, I can’t stop listening.

Jamestown Revival sounds different than any duo or any band currently out in the musical world. You guys manage to mix Willie Nelson with the Rolling Stones for a southern country tinge, rock n’ roll beat and Americana vibe.  I feel like I know you personally, Zach and Jonathan. I can relate to all the struggles, adventures, heartbreak and love that you sing about in this album. Authentic, autobiographical and raw lyrics like yours are rare today in any genre of music. Please know that this kind of craft is not lost on listeners. PS: Fur Coat Blues gets me every time.

“I’m in some head high water
Whiskey water
I told my father I’d carry on his name
With my sons and daughters
Raise them taller
And I hang my head
beneath the tin roof rain
When I get through
These fur coat blues
When I get through
These fur coat blues”

I am crossing my fingers, wishing on every shooting star and searching for a four-leaf clover that your new album is released in September as you mentioned in a recent interview. It will be incredible to hear a new evolution of Jamestown Revival with a more band-focused sound.

But to the point  – I have found myself Google stalking, YouTube searching and scouring the twitter universe for glimpses of Jamestown Revival performing live because really, I just can’t get enough.

Then, today, it happened. Tour dates. But…they are all on the west coast. See this is a dilemma because I live on the east coast. Although I am not opposed to jumping on a plane or road tripping with friends on a quest for new experiences, sometimes, my bank account doesn’t enjoy it quite as much. So my ask is simple, and hopeful, that two Texas boys will make their way to the big apple soon.

Please, Jamestown Revival, will you come sing to New York City?

Thank you for your musical creativity that has encouraged me to hold on for my survival even when I have a heavy heart and the good times are over.

– Karen



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